A lovely day out with friends

It’s been raining cats and dogs here in Germany lately and that makes it really difficult to spend time outdoors and do fun things. But our lovely friends Laurence and Sylvain came over from France to spend the day with us so we braved the weather and it ended up being a really wonderful day. Just a few showers here and there.

I recently got this dress from Trashy Diva and it’s the first dress of theirs that fits really me well. The pattern is made up of big chickens and I had the perfect brooch and hat to go with it.

6:18:16 - 12

Dress ~ Sweetie Dress Style by Trashy Diva
Handbag ~ Trashy Diva
Vintage Hat ~ Purchased in a San Diego vintage shop
Brooch ~ The Jewelry Cloud
Shoes ~ Clarks
Vintage Umbrella ~ Blue Bicycle in St. Paul, MN
Lipstick ~ Victory Red by Besame

Lipliner ~ Follow Your Heart by MAC Cosmetics

We started our day having a delicious lunch at the Castle Restaurant at Burg Lichtenberg in our village of Kusel. It was raining when we got there, so we didn’t get to take too many photos. But I do love this one of Laurence and Sylvain and me near the ruins.
6:18:16 - 9

I love having such stylish friends who live so close to us. It’s great to have friends who love flea markets and traveling around the area to see and experience new things. Visit their blog Lost in the 50s, to follow their adventures. 6:18:16 - 10We visited downtown Kaiserslautern after the castle for a classic car show. It didn’t have as many classic cars as we’d like to see, but it was fun anyway. We had our photos taken by many visitors to the event.

After that we visited the Japanese Garden in Kaiserslautern. We’d not been here before, so it was a new experience for all of us. It was amazingly beautiful and serene. We will defiantly be going back here often, especially with guests.

6:18:16 - 8 IMG_7796

How perfect is this brooch for this dress!!!IMG_7788 6:18:16 - 13 6:18:16 - 1IMG_7791 IMG_7867 6:18:16 - 16IMG_7894 6:18:16 - 15 6:18:16 - 4 6:18:16 - 2IMG_7806 6:18:16 - 11 IMG_7846 6:18:16 - 36:18:16 - 17

11 thoughts on “A lovely day out with friends

  1. That brooch is really and truly beyond perfect for your beautiful TD dress. The pairing is a good spot of wardrobe joy, if you ask me, and such a fabulous choice to wear for a fun day out with Laurence and Sylvain. It is beyond awesome that you’re all able to meet up from time-to-time.

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

  2. Eva says:

    I saw the post of Laurence and Sylvain in their blog. Nice gardens!
    I do not know Kaiserlautern.
    Thanks good you have some “good weather”, pity that it doesn’t stop raining!
    Last Sunday I met some German friends of mine and went out for lunch to a small village not far away from the Mosel River. It was a good excuse to take our classic cars out.

    Have a great week,

    Eva (from Luxembourg/Germany)

  3. This dress is marvelous! And I love how you paired it with that purse.

    Laurence and Sylvain are so wonderful and their blog is amazing. I was able to meet them for a day of shopping when they stopped in Portland awhile back whenI used to live there.


  4. Frances says:

    This dress is absolute PERFECTION on you! I can’t believe I haven’t seen your blog before (saw you on DSTD facebook group and proceeded to stalk you until I got here) and I am adding you to my list of blogs to read this very moment!

  5. barbaraprimo says:

    Hallo, a friend invited me to like your FB page and I’m glad to discover your website. Thank you to let us look into your nice wardrobe, I’m here just for a little message to tell you I like very much your style, your pictures etc. I discovered also Trashy Diva (just bought a Blue Chambray dress) and Lost in the 50’s and I love them! Thank you. 🙂

  6. missbettydoll says:

    Oh that dress! And you of course! Your hair and makeup are so precise and perfect, they are selling that dress. You look beautiful ❤

    xo Miss Betty Doll

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