Summer Hat Style

Blouse ~ Collectif
Skirt ~ ModCloth
Hat ~ Vintage, purchased on Facebook
Hair flower ~ Shazam Vintage Hair Flowers
Brooch ~ Luxulite
Shoes ~ Remix Vintage Shoes

I really love to wear hats and I am always looking for new ones. I was lucky enough to grab this one from a friend on Facebook and it’s a perfect summer addition. I struggle sometimes with wearing hats, I feel like they are never secure enough and a gust of wind will just rip it off my head. Today was no different, the hat came with a strap that I was able to wrap under my hair and I used a hat pin. But the wind gusts were just too much and ended up walking around with my hand on my hand.

Anyway, this is my new favorite hat and I’m sure it will be worn a lot this summer.


Autumn Colors in Germany

I still can not believe that I live here! Every time we drive down the road, or visit a little village or just have a quintessential German experience, I have to pinch myself and remember that I actually live in this beautiful place. As a gal from San Diego, being able to experience the seasons on the East Coast of the U.S. was mind-blowing at times. But being here in Germany and experiencing the change from Summer to Autumn (and this is my favorite time of year) is truly magical.

This morning we visited the weekly Farmers Market in Kaiserslautern and had a wonderful time. We bought some cheese, bread, fruit, eggs, fresh flowers and had a couple tasty snacks. Then we took a drive to a neighboring village called Idar-Oberstein to photograph the Autumn colors along the way. We took our time, so everything was closed by the time we got there. But it’s so close that we’ll be able to go back and really explore the town.

I’ve been participating in OcTieBer, an annual challenge on Facebook with a bunch of friends where we wear some sort of neckwear everyday. Today I went all out in my Autumn colors and country style.
10:24:15 - 11

Cap ~ Borrowed from The Gentleman
Bow Tie ~ Brooks Brothers
Sweater vest ~ Lands End
Jacket ~ Lands End, but thrifted
Brooch ~ Erstwilder
Skirt ~ Mod Cloth


10:24:15 - 1IMG_417510:24:15 - 610:24:15 - 1010:24:15 - 14IMG_426210-24-15 - 310:24:15 - 7IMG_4225IMG_4211IMG_417910:24:15 - 1310:24:15 - 8IMG_426110:24:15 - 1510:24:15 - 1210:24:15 - 9IMG_4205

The many shades of……Purple

Ever since I changed my hair color, I’ve realized that it opened up a whole new color palette for me to enjoy. I’ve always loved jewel tones and of course the Fall season just lends itself to these luscious colors. I also used to be afraid of mixing shades of the same pallet in an outfit, worried that “it didn’t match” but we all know that is just silly. With age, I certainly get more bold with fashion choices 🙂 With this outfit I chose a few different shades of purple whether you call it plum or burgundy, I really love how they all play so nicely together in one ensemble.

11:22:14 - 10

Knit sweater dress ~ Myrtlewood from ModCloth
Plaid jacket ~ ModCloth
Vintage Wool Hat ~ Purchased from Poppycock Vintage
Purple Flower Brooch ~ Break for Temptations in San Diego
Shoes ~ Valetta Shoe from Hotter USA
Lipstick – Lime Crime in Wicked

11:22:14 - 9 11:22:14 - 1IMG_0255 11:22:14 - 711:22:14 - 11 11:22:14 - 311:22:14 - 6 IMG_0223IMG_0183IMG_0238

11:22:14 - 2 IMG_0221

11:22:14 - 4