My wonderful, loving and adorable husband diagnosed me with “Chronic Overdressing” early on in our relationship. Mind you he is not a physician, nor does he have any other qualifications to justify this diagnosis save for the fact that we have been together almost 12 years and he has observed my passion…nay obsession for beautiful clothes, hats, gloves, shoes, vintage style and above all GLAMOUR. He understands that every outing – be it to the picture show or to the grocery store – I must adorn myself in beautiful things.

I am perfectly content if not righteously proud of this “infliction” that I have. I am a firm believer that it is our duty to always present ourselves in the best manner possible. I enjoy taking the time and effort to look my best and instill a bit of glamour in my daily life.

Granted I don’t (routinely) wear ball gowns to Home Depot, but I do make a point to dress (and accessorize) well, coif my hair and put on my best face. I don’t personally see my condition as overdressing as much as I see others condition as underdressing. But to each it’s own.

Christine - Michael Buble copy

6 thoughts on “About

  1. Yvee says:

    I just recently came across (and started following) your blog, and I love your style! Not to mention that you are absolutely stunning! I am also a firm believer in always presenting myself the best I can, and taking pride in my appearance!

  2. I found you by researching Eshakti( assume you’re a fan buy the number of dresses you have) – but wow, your style is amazing and I’m so incredibly motivated. You look marvelous!

    ps. I’m from Philadelphia and I def. want to check out some of the events you featured.

    • Michelle,

      I’m so glad you found me. Yes I LOVE eShakti, I have several of their dresses. I travel to Philadelphia from time to time, your should like my Facebook page to stay updated on any events I’m attending.

      Have a beautiful day!


  3. Casey says:

    I just now discovered you! I’m in AWE! Besides having a gorgeous pale complexion (like ME), it is such an inspiration to see a real size woman dressed in beautiful flattering clothes. I would love to have information about where and how to find such beautiful clothes for my size as well.

    OH! And you must share your makeup (foundation) suggestions for how to display such magnificent skin, lips, and eyes

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