Plaid Perfection

On cold days in winter, I love visiting our weekly Farmer’s Market. It helps remind me that delightful color still exists and the foods that are available during the colder season can be quite cheerful. Winter can be very grey and bleak at times, but we had a beautifully clear and sunny day today, although it was quite cold outside, so off to the market we went.

I love the Farmer’s Market in Kaiserslautern, we have our favorite stalls/sellers and usually grab a yummy krustenbraten sandwich or bratwurst as we walk around and shop.

Knit Beret ~ Lord & Taft
Blouse ~ Emmy Design
Cardigan ~ Yemak bought on Amazon
Earrings ~ Chez PouPoule in Paris
Necklace ~Vintage bought from Ivy Cottage 2 U on Etsy
Skirt ~ Voodoo Vixen
Coat ~ Hell Bunny
Shoes ~ Rockport Cobb Hill Aria 

I wanted to try and be as colorful as the fruits and veggies today. I saw this skirt on my friend Sarah Baker Day and absolutely fell in love with it. I jumped over to the Voodoo Vixen website and bought it immediately. I’m so glad I did, it’s a wonderful heavier weight wool and the colors are spectacular; and of course it has pockets!

I love plaid so much because you can pull from all the different colors in the pattern and even wear complementary colors that aren’t actually in the pattern itself. That’s what I did here today. My cardigan is a teal color, however there isn’t teal in the pattern, but it compliments it so well. I also matched the mustard and orange colors with my beret and necklace.

Here is my favorite cheese lady. She is always so kind and helpful, gives out samples and she knows exactly what cheeses we should take home with us.


She’s Back!

As we don’t celebrate Christmas, we have an annual ritual of dressing up and going to see a movie. Can you guess what movie we saw this year????

You guessed it, Mary Poppins Returns. I have been (not so) patiently awaiting this movie. I loved the original and was really excited to see how they were going to continue the story. I’m not a fan of a “re-work” of original movies, especially Disney movies. But as this new movie is a sort of sequel or an additional tale, I was eager to see the movie and meet the new characters as well as be reacquainted with some old friends.

Also the movie is set in the 1930s, so of course I was looking forward to seeing how they incorporated the style into the movie. And I was not disappointed, the costumes were fantastic. So, today I decided to don an outfit inspired by the new Mary Poppins.

Hat ~ Vintage from The Mad Hat Lady
Blouse ~ Collectif
Bow Tie ~ Vintage from a large lot of ties on eBay
Sweater ~ Emmy Designs
Skirt ~ eShakti
Coat ~ Hell Bunny 
Gloves ~ Vintage from Prima Mona
Embroidered Purse ~ Vintage from Blackout 2, in London
Shoes ~ Hotter
Brooch ~ Kirbee Lawler