The many shades of……Purple

Ever since I changed my hair color, I’ve realized that it opened up a whole new color palette for me to enjoy. I’ve always loved jewel tones and of course the Fall season just lends itself to these luscious colors. I also used to be afraid of mixing shades of the same pallet in an outfit, worried that “it didn’t match” but we all know that is just silly. With age, I certainly get more bold with fashion choices 🙂 With this outfit I chose a few different shades of purple whether you call it plum or burgundy, I really love how they all play so nicely together in one ensemble.

11:22:14 - 10

Knit sweater dress ~ Myrtlewood from ModCloth
Plaid jacket ~ ModCloth
Vintage Wool Hat ~ Purchased from Poppycock Vintage
Purple Flower Brooch ~ Break for Temptations in San Diego
Shoes ~ Valetta Shoe from Hotter USA
Lipstick – Lime Crime in Wicked

11:22:14 - 9 11:22:14 - 1IMG_0255 11:22:14 - 711:22:14 - 11 11:22:14 - 311:22:14 - 6 IMG_0223IMG_0183IMG_0238

11:22:14 - 2 IMG_0221

11:22:14 - 4