Review of Voodoo Vixen’s “Faith” dress

A few months ago I was contacted by a representative of Voodoo Vixen and was asked if I’d be interested in reviewing a dress from their retro inspired line. Of course I quickly jumped over to the website to view what fantastic items they had to offer and at first I was disappointed to see that they did not have a plus size selection. I was then directed to the correct section (I think the website was still a bit under construction) that had the plus size offerings. Although I did find a very cute dress, I was very disheartened to see that it is was a very small selection. Since then, I’ve noticed that they have added a few new items to their plus size section, but as they have 110+ different dresses in traditional sizes, they only have 7 dresses in Plus Size and 6 cardigans. However, that shouldn’t deter you from checking them out. I only wish that the plus size selection was larger as there are several really cute dresses that would be wonderful in larger sizes.

I chose the Faith dress to review as it was the only one that seemed to suit my style. I did have a little difficulty in figuring out what size to choose. I typically wear a US 18 or 20 or 1X or 2X depending on the brand. As any plus size gal knows, sizing can range drastically from brand to brand – don’t get me started on the ridiculous sizing from Bettie Page (or Tatyana now, I believe) Clothing!!!!!

After getting the exact measurements of the dress I chose the size 3X, thinking if it was a little large I could take it in. Well it arrived promptly, and it fit great, if not a tiny bit snug. I was pleasently surprised to see that it was a knit dress and the length was perfect. I decided to style it with a tan cinch belt just to break up the pattern a bit. I also added a vintage hat and purse and tan maryjane heels.

What I love about this dress are the shoulders. They poof up a bit and really create a nice silhouette and give a little umph to the dĂ©colletĂ© as the scoop neck is a bit unremarkable. I love dresses and tops that have a bit of detail at the shoulders, I adore shoulder pads, but don’t see them much in today’s styling. So this detail was an added surprise. Although this is a knit dress, it’s still lightweight, so I can see myself wearing this more in the Spring or Fall.


VV Shot - 4

Frock ~ Voodoo Vixen “Faith” dress
Hat ~ Vintage 1930’s Fedora purchased on Etsy
Belt ~ Target
Shoes ~ Naturalizer
Purse ~ Thrifted at DuBois Textiles

VV Shot - 3

VV Shot - 6 VV Shot - 5IMG_0404

VV Shot - 2 IMG_0358 VV Shot - 8

Voodoo Vixen is a vintage inspired label, which infuses retro, pin-up and rockabilly styles with classic silhouettes to flatter the modern woman.  Designed to compliment your curves and make you stand out from the crowd, our unique designs are influenced by the glamorous styles of the past, whilst following current trends and fashion movements.

Based in the heart of buzzing East London, Voodoo Vixen is designed between our in-house designers in both L.A and London.  Our custom prints are designed in-house and our garments are always made from quality fabrics. 


Instagram: voodoovixenldn

Twitter: @VoodooVixenLDN

Stripes and Flowers





I am so happy that the weather is getting nicer here and I can spend more time outside. As you can see our tree is on the verge of blooming and when it does it is spectacular! As you can also see Harriet and Fiona (my crazy dogs) are enjoying the weather as well.

I recently purchased this dress from eShakti and I really like it. I’m not crazy about the fabric though, the cotton poplin tends to wrinkle something fierce, but the embroidery on the top of this dress was too beautiful to pass up. I added a teal belt (from my Milan dress) and these great new-to-me Chelsea Crew shoes I purchased from a lovely lady in England from one of my FB Fashion groups. I’m not sure if the skirt is full enough to wear a petticoat under, but I will try it.

4:23:14 - 3

Dress ~ eShakti
Shoes ~ Chelsea Crew
Hair Flower ~ Made by me 🙂

4:23:14 - 1

4:23:14 - 2

4:23:14 - 6 4:23:14 - 5 IMG_4527 4:23:14 - 7 IMG_4529


Billie Holiday Festival

My affection for Baltimore waxes and wanes on a daily basis. However, when I heard that there was to be a Billie Holiday Festival this weekend, my heart swelled with pride for my adopted home. The Facebook page said there would be live music, vendors, food, children’s games and more. I of course had my own ideas of what this event would be like…fantastic jazz music, maybe a dance floor or even professional dancers offering lessons. Great street food (we do have some amazing food trucks in Baltimore), local vendors selling jazz related/Billie Holiday items, or maybe even some vendors selling vintage items and people on hand to talk about her time here in Baltimore and the history of her career. And last but not least fabulously attired patrons.

Well, once again Baltimore broke my heart. It was 2 blocks of random vendors including at least three booths for city council candidates, one booth which  looked like a yard sale, a few artists selling their wares, (maybe) two food vendors – hot dogs and ice cream – and a hardware store.

The only people there that I was pleased to see were two animal rescue groups (I am biased as I am a foster for one of these). There were several dogs which is always fun and NO ONE was dressed well….except for myself, my husband and my friend Bowtie Bob that we ran into.

Very rarely do I actually FEEL overdressed for an occasion, even if I am. But I actually felt it today. I felt as though people were looking at me as if I was in costume. I specifically wore a 1940s style dress and shoes and a white flower in my hair in honor of the lovely Billie herself. I didn’t see anyone enthusiastic about the theme of the festival as it was honoring such a wonderful jazz icon.

There were two shining points in this event, however. There was jazz music – as promised – and the band and singer were really great. The other fantastic thing was the beautiful artwork down Durham Street (the street the Billie lived). The artists who have created these amazing murals and painted screens are truly talented and have made this little alley a beautiful homage to Lady Day.

I can only hope that this festival gets better each year (I believe that this was the first year).

4:5:14 - 2

4:5:14 - 4 IMG_3778

4:5:14 - 3 IMG_3672

IMG_3619 IMG_3622 IMG_3636 IMG_3637 IMG_3638 IMG_3641 IMG_3679 IMG_3668

IMG_3647 IMG_3657IMG_3649 IMG_3653 IMG_3661


Journey to Winterthur for the Costumes of Downton Abbey


Yesterday was pure heaven for me! Since being introduced to this wonderful period drama, both Will and I have been hooked. I adore all of the characters and stories of this show and I’m constantly intrigued at the idea of peeking into the daily lives of the Crawley Family and the servants that keep this massive estate running smoothly.

And then of course there is the fashion! The first season starts off in April of 1912 with the sinking of the Titanic. With its stunning display of Edwardian fashion with large hats, long gloves and intricately beaded dresses, the show moves through time with this most current season ending in 1923. So now we have 11 years of fashion trends to witness. With season 4 we are now starting to see the fabulous 1920s styles of hair with finger waves and pin curls, sometimes with beautiful silk scarfs tied around the head or a lovely cloche hat. Jazz has also come to Downton Abbey this season and we see brightly colored fabrics and lowered waistlines capturing the quintessential 1920’s style.

Once again the Maryland Historical Society created an amazing event, this time it was for the opening of the Costumes of Downton Abbey exhibit housed at the fantastic Winterthur Estate in Delaware. I went with my dear friend Cheryl and my business partner Rachel and her husband Tim. There were 42 guests in all, and we loaded a big tour bus at 9:00 am to head out to the Hotel duPont for a lovely brunch. Then we were off to Winterthur for an exclusive tour of the exhibit and then a tour of the house and estate. It was a long and wonderful day.

I of course wanted to dress for the occasion, I chose a 1920’s inspired outfit. It was quite cold so I was so happy to be able to wear my new butterscotch velvet coat. Once again I was “overdressed” for the occasion, however I was not the only one. Cheryl and Rachel both looked wonderful. I was asked a few times if I worked at the exhibit and one lovely lady on the bus asked if I was hired to attend so people could take photos with me. I thought that was funny and would have gladly taken that job if offered.

3:1:14 - 1

3:1:14 - 2

Butterscotch Velvet Coat ~ Victorian Trading Company
Front Tie Sweater in deep rose ~ Myrtlewood purchased at Modcloth
Maroon Skirt ~ Lands End
Cloche Hat ~ Hats in the Belfry
Cream Gloves ~ Pinup Girl Clothing
Shoes ~ Bait Footware purchased at Modcloth

So our first stop was at the Hotel Du Pont for a champagne luncheon in the historic Green Room. The hotel lobby and restaurant were so beautiful, I could have spent hours taking photos of all the amazing woodwork carvings and the ceilings.

IMG_2001 IMG_2002 IMG_2003 IMG_2005 IMG_2006 IMG_2009 IMG_2010

And I even get my very own room at the Hotel!

And I even get my very own room at the Hotel!

IMG_2018 IMG_2019 IMG_2020 IMG_2021 IMG_2024

We had a great lunch in the historic and amazingly beautiful Green Room.

red_dining_roomIMG_2040 IMG_2047 IMG_2049

After our lunch we loaded back onto the bus and headed down the road to the Winterthur Estate for the Costumes of Downton Abbey exhibit. This exhibit will be held until January 4, 2015 so if you have a chance I highly recommend seeing it. I would love to go back in the Spring/Summer and spend more time in the Winterthur gardens as well, it really is a beautiful estate.

**Fun fact** All of the mannequins were carved out of a special foam, and are of the correct size, shape and height of each of the actors/characters to showcase the costumes the best.



Mrs. Hughes’ dress. The check detail and lace on the bodice is wonderful. And I adore those keys on the chains hanging off her belt.


Thomas’s livery. The buttons are the Crawley family crest. Sorry I couldn’t get a closer shot.

IMG_2061 IMG_2067 IMG_2069

IMG_2070 IMG_2071 IMG_2075 IMG_2079 IMG_2081 IMG_2082 IMG_2084

IMG_2085 IMG_2088 IMG_2092

IMG_2097 IMG_2095 IMG_2096

Lady Edith’s Wedding

IMG_2103 IMG_2134


Lady Mary's dress for Lady Edith's wedding

Lady Mary’s dress for Lady Edith’s wedding

Lady Sybil's dress for Lady Edith's wedding

Lady Sybil’s dress for Lady Edith’s wedding

Daisy the kitchen maid

Daisy the kitchen maid

IMG_2105 IMG_2109

IMG_2111 IMG_2110



IMG_2120 IMG_2128 IMG_2129 IMG_2130IMG_2126 IMG_2135 IMG_2137 IMG_2136


Of course Rachel and I had to have a photo with Carson.

Of course Rachel and I had to have a photo with Carson.


A Penelope movie poster

This fantastically sweet movie is on Netflix right now, so of course I have to watch it several times. It happens to be one of my favorite movies and as always, a fashionable inspiring show of adorable outfits, color coordination and then of corse there’s James McAvoy……oh James McAvoy.

A penelope Max

Penelope movie image James McAvoy

This movie, from 2006, is a modern day Beauty and the Beast tale of a lovely girl named Penelope (played by Christina Ricci) with a family curse put upon her as a baby which afflicts her with a nose and ears of a pig. Her mother and father, though they love her unconditionally, locked her away her entire life after faking her death as a baby. It is said that the curse can only be broken by being loved by “one of her own kind”.

Here’s the link to the wikipedia for the whole movie synopsis. My focus here is of course on the fashion aspect of this delightful movie. Penelope’s outfits are wonderfully colorful and playful. And the sets are gorgeously done, with terrariums in Penelope’s lavishly appointed bedroom. The mix of vintage inspired skirts and shoes with vibrant modern colors is so inspiring. She looks so comfortably fashionable throughout the entire movie. Enjoy some of the movie shots I’ve collected here.

I encourage everyone to see this movie, it’s a sweet and beautiful story with of course a fairy tale happy ending, albeit not your typical one.


Penelope movie image Christina Ricci





Bedroom--Cloches & butterflies 02

Penelope movie image Christina Ricci

Oh and did I mention Peter Dinklage is in it? I love him!


Because it’s Tuesday…

I am approached quite often asking “Are you in a play?” or  “Are you dressed up for something special?” Normally my answer to the latter is “Because its (insert day of the week)!” I mean what better reason is there really?

I was raised by a fabulous mother who instilled in me at an early age how important it was to always put your best face forward. My mother donned beautiful frocks, fantastic wigs and hair pieces, false eyelashes and always put “her face on”everyday. For me this was normal and I loved it, she was the epitome of Everyday Glamour. Later in life she came to spend a lot of time in the theater as a singer and actress. She was very talented and surrounded herself with some of the most amazing and fabulous people. I am so grateful to have been exposed to this glamour at such an early age.

This is partly what I attribute my “affliction” of chronic overdressing to, the other is my deep passion for fashion, makeup and a simple desire to return to a time where men and women took care and effort in their appearance. I admire the fashions of the eras between 1920 and 1950 and dress in “vintage style” every day. I put that in quotations, simply because I do not strictly wear vintage. As being a woman of the curvy persuasion I find it difficult to find true vintage fashion that fits me. So I fashion modern pieces to suit my vintage sensibilities.

I style my hair in pin curls and victory rolls, I wear bright red lipstick, gloves and hats and I always carry a parasol to protect my fair skin.

This blog is a way for me to share my passion about glamour, beauty, vintage style and fashion with anyone interested.

I hope you enjoy!