A Penelope movie poster

This fantastically sweet movie is on Netflix right now, so of course I have to watch it several times. It happens to be one of my favorite movies and as always, a fashionable inspiring show of adorable outfits, color coordination and then of corse there’s James McAvoy……oh James McAvoy.

A penelope Max

Penelope movie image James McAvoy

This movie, from 2006, is a modern day Beauty and the Beast tale of a lovely girl named Penelope (played by Christina Ricci) with a family curse put upon her as a baby which afflicts her with a nose and ears of a pig. Her mother and father, though they love her unconditionally, locked her away her entire life after faking her death as a baby. It is said that the curse can only be broken by being loved by “one of her own kind”.

Here’s the link to the wikipedia for the whole movie synopsis. My focus here is of course on the fashion aspect of this delightful movie. Penelope’s outfits are wonderfully colorful and playful. And the sets are gorgeously done, with terrariums in Penelope’s lavishly appointed bedroom. The mix of vintage inspired skirts and shoes with vibrant modern colors is so inspiring. She looks so comfortably fashionable throughout the entire movie. Enjoy some of the movie shots I’ve collected here.

I encourage everyone to see this movie, it’s a sweet and beautiful story with of course a fairy tale happy ending, albeit not your typical one.


Penelope movie image Christina Ricci





Bedroom--Cloches & butterflies 02

Penelope movie image Christina Ricci

Oh and did I mention Peter Dinklage is in it? I love him!


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