Ladies in ties

I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with wearing menswear. As a dame who wears dresses or skirts 99% of the time, I’ve always felt a bit uncomfortable wearing pants or any type of menswear. For some reason, I’ve always felt, well too masculine…I know, I know it’s silly. I understand that no one will ever mistake me for being a man, but I’ve never felt I could “pull it off”. On the other hand I’ve always admired women who can wear menswear and look, not only amazing, but sexy.

Example ~ Katherine Hepburn, she was famous for wearing pants and menswear and she always  looks stunning.

Katharine Hepburn in


I’ve recently met some lovely ladies who wear mens ties regularly and pull it off so wonderfully that I’ve decided to try it out myself. I’m still not terribly comfortable in pants, although I have some high waisted swing pants being made for me that I’m quite excited about. Here are a few of my new acquisitions. I used a vintage brooch as a collar bar and picked up the rose pin at a local antique shop for $2.50! I purchased the tie from a lovely gentleman from one of the fashion groups I’m in on Facebook.

12:1:13 -1


12:1:13 - 3

I also have a few Lady Ties that I really love. Again I mostly wear these with shirts, but if my new pants work out I’ll be getting more made, and thus have a post on my new pants. I have to admit that it does get difficult to stay warm in Baltimore winters wearing dresses and skirts all the time.


I think my next adventure will be a bow tie!!!

DSC_0394 life mag bow tie

4 thoughts on “Ladies in ties

  1. Elena Williams says:

    Oh I just love ALL of this! Such beautiful ties on adorable you! Can’t wait to see the swing pants. I think ypu’ll look great in them.

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