First day at EPCOT as Alice in Wonderland

I had no idea what to expect with EPCOT, but I have to say that it was an unexpected surprise. I loved it! It has science and innovation stuff (which my hubby loves) and then the World Showcase was awesome! Especially since we happened to go during the Food and Wine Festival. Being that it’s Disney and they are so good at creating or re-creating worlds/lands, each section of the World Showcase was beautiful and it felt like you really got a sense of what that country looks like!

If you ever get a chance to go, I recommend going during the Food and Wine Festival. The food was amazing and it was so much fun to try different tasty vittles from around the world. I was equally impressed with the fact that Disney sponsors student cast members from their respective countries to work in the World Showcase. It really adds an element of realness and they are so helpful and willing to answer questions about where they come from.

For this day I decided to Disneybound as Alice in Wonderland (although some people though I was Belle which I agree it looks more like her).



It was an extra surprise when we saw that Alice herself was doing a meet and greet in England and I got to meet her and get a photo with her.

CC with Alice

Blue Dress:

White shirt: Old Navy (from years ago)

Black belt: Target (years ago)

Brooches: Both from Etsy

White Rose earrings: Purchase in San Diego and a friends boutique called Junc

Hair bow with mesh: Handmade by me

Mary Jane Shoes: Naturalizer purchased on

One thought on “First day at EPCOT as Alice in Wonderland

  1. Elena Williams says:

    Nobody I know has more fun than you!!!! I’m sure dreaming up who you want to be and then putting all the effort into it that it must take is a gret big part of the fun. Good for you – “never leave the playground”. Interesting about Epcot, I’d like to go there some day.

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