End of Summer dress

Summer is almost over and while I’m very much looking forward to Fall, the weather has been really nice and warm the past few weeks. I’m not sure how much longer this weather will last so I’m trying to wear some of my cute Summer dresses as long I can. Before you know it, there will be a chill in the air and the leaves will be falling, but for now, I’ll keep wearing my lightweight floral dresses.

9:3:16 - 5 9:3:16 - 4 9:3:16 - 7 IMG_7179 9:3:16 - 2IMG_7190 9:3:16 - 6 9:3:16 - 1 IMG_7181 IMG_7186 9:3:16 - 3

5 thoughts on “End of Summer dress

  1. I hear you there! While fall is my favourite season and I do tend to rush headlong into it with open arms, part of me (especially after an uber rainy summer) wants our current season to linger for ages. I had so many fun summertime outfits planned that just didn’t happen with all the damp days. Oh well, just more of a reason to look forward to next year’s (hopefully!) sunny season.

    This is such a sweet, beautiful warm weather look, dear gal. Your awesome wide brimmed hat in particular took my breath away.

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  2. Darling outfit! What a delightful print!

    I am so ready for fall, even though I am doubtful of getting to wear too many woolens and such, living in California, but I can pretend it with color palettes!


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