Casual Charm

I sometimes struggle with casual styles. I do try to dress in a fairly casual way when just running errands or doing simple daily tasks. Most of time, I still feel overdressed compared to the general population, but I’m trying to change my mindset a bit on what I feel could be considered casual. I’m not a jeans a t-shirt kind of gal and I do try and dress appropriately for whatever activity I’m performing. I’m always most comfortable in dresses and skirts and they do not inhibit me in my daily life.

So moving forward, I’d like to share more of my casual styles here on my blog and hopefully get feedback from you, my followers on your own favorite casual styles.

Today I was simply running errands…picking up my mail, running to IKEA and bit of grocery shopping. The style of this dress is maybe on the high end of the casual scale (with the tux pleating and key hole front), but since it’s a comfortable cotton material, I feel like that makes it more appropriate as a day dress. And with adding a tan belt and tan low oxfords, it really creates a comfortable casual style. I’m also always trying new hairstyles out and this is one I love. As we are heading into Fall now, I can wear my hair down more without sweating down my back.

What are some of your “go-to” casual pieces?

Dress ~ eShakti
Belt ~ Amazon
Shoes ~ Rocket Dogs (sadly no longer available)

11 thoughts on “Casual Charm

  1. This is a very logical interpretation of what vintage casual can be: wear a pleasant dress not too tight, shoes with sensible heels, do your hair really neat, put on some red lipstick. It’s not that difficult and you are not overdressed, the other people, those who walk outside the house with pajamas, they are underdressed.

  2. Love your kind of casual, as it is my kind of casual 🙂 I am sitting here and I almost wear the same outfit. A Lindy Bob ‘Bretta’ (almost same pattern as your eShakti dress minus the pockets and it has shorter puffy sleeves) in green, tights and Gabor Brogues.
    While Germany is pretty casual, it is not as sporty/yoga-ish casual as it is e.g. in California. There I would feel totally overdressed. Here in Germany, esp. my neck of the woods (Lower Rhineland), I am only slightly overdressed as Cologne and Duesseldorf are fashion cities with their own fashion industry both Pret-A-Porter and High Fashion.
    Soooo … long story short .. Love the outfit of yours. Love the deep green, the pattern and overall style. Also love your hair and the make-up Definitly a all thumbs up outfit!!!!

    • I completely understand. I’m actually from San Diego, California and I live in Rhineland-Pfalz Germany! When I travel to larger cities I don’t feel like I stick out as much, but being here I do. I do appreciate that even though it may not be a fashion capital, the people around here (at least the Germans) don’t go around in their pajamas. But I hardly EVER see a woman in a skirt or dress.

  3. I think you should wear what ever you like. I am always wearing Dresses and start wearing hats again. I bought a wonderful 50th hat with this small veil they had back then and a big bow and I intend to wear it every day no matter what other People say.

    • I do think that our definition of casual is very different. Casual to me is still presentable and stylish, it doesn’t mean sloppy or slovenly. For most people casual is sweatpants or yoga pants and a t-shirt. To me, that is “stay at home and lounge”-wear. I don’t personally wear sweatpants or yoga pants, even at home. But it would make more sense to wear them at home than out in public as “regular” clothes.

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