Sheila-Lee – Pantskirt/Playsuit by Miss Candyfloss

Our plans to attend a festival on Saturday were foiled by stormy and very windy weather, however it gave me a great opportunity to wear my new Pantskirt/Playsuit from Miss Candyfloss. Everyone knows that I do not hold any love for trousers. I rarely wear them and when I do, I very rarely document it. When I saw this outfit on the Miss Candyfloss website, I thought it might be a great alternative to wearing a traditional trouser. The weather on Saturday was, as my husband describes it, a “Skirt Alert” day. I’ve been know to accidentally “flash” innocent bystanders when a gust of wind decides to pick up my skirt. So I thought this playsuit might be a safer bet.

I love this playsuit (to be honest I really don’t know what to call it). It’s comfortable, adorable and there is no chance of me flashing anyone if the wind picks up. I love the front pockets (there are two small pockets on the bum as well), and it comes with the belt. Since it is all one piece, it is a bit difficult to get if off, so it’s not an outfit I would want to wear all day and, *ahem*, have to use the facilities, if you get my drift 🙂 But it is a great alternative to regular trousers and will give me an opportunity to change up my wardrobe a bit.

7:25:15 - 3

Pantskirt/Playsuit ~ Miss Candyfloss
Vintage Brooch ~ Daisy’s Vintage Jewlery (on Instagram)
Shoes ~ Cobb Hill
Hair Snood ~ Etsy
Lips ~ Besame Red Lipstick with Ruby Woo Lipliner

7:25:15 - 8 7:25:15 - 5 7:25:15 - 1IMG_2958IMG_30467:25:15 - 77:25:15 - 4IMG_2924IMG_2959IMG_29457:25:15 - 2

8 thoughts on “Sheila-Lee – Pantskirt/Playsuit by Miss Candyfloss

  1. says:

    Great pictures, loved the snood! My mom used to wear a snood under her hat – it looked great too! Love, Elena

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