Gin, Feathers & Fur ~ Part One

I had the most extraordinary evening with my friends Miranda and Jaclyn on Friday evening. We attended the Philadelphia Alt Taxidermy Competition. It was a most stunning display of artistry, not only in the taxidermy world but also with the fabulous attendees. We of course were encouraged to dress in Feathers and Furs and everyone looked amazing.

My friend Miranda is an amateur taxidermist and I’ve always been enthralled with the artistry of this work. I adore Walter Potter and I’m always astounded at the creativity that people display in these pieces.

flying-handThis event was sponsored by Hendricks Gin, a wonderfully delicious gin that is blended with a subtle and sensually wondrous botanical signature of flowers, roots, fruits and seeds. This chorus of flavors sets the stage for the delicious duet of an infusion of Rose Petal and Cucumber.

They provided Gin & Tonics and a Gin Punch. Both were delightful!

My outfit for the evening was a retro style peplum dress & shoes, vintage feather hat and vintage fur scarf. The dress actually has a hunter green background with small purple & beige dots, but it’s not really discernible in these photos.

My next post will feature all of the amazing contestants and attendees.

11:16:13 - 3

Shoes: Right Here Heel in Green purchased from Mod Cloth
Vintage Feather Hat: Poppycock Vintage on Etsy
Vintage Fur Scarf: Thrifted at In the Details

11:16:13 - 4

11:16:13 - 7 11:16:13 - 8 IMG_2427 IMG_2331

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