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~The Glambassador~

Vintage Style & Beauty Sessions

Vintage Style & Beauty Sessions
with Christine ~ The Glambassador


Do you ever wish a personal stylist from the 30s or 40s would magically appear to help you get dressed for your day or special event? Like a Fairy Godmother played by Ethel Merman.

Someone to help you put together the perfect, period-correct (or just super cute) outfit?

Someone to show you how to do your makeup and hair so you look like you stepped off a period film set?

Well hello there. I’m Christine ~ The Glambassador, and for almost 30 years (yup, I started young), I’ve been styling myself in vintage style, hair, makeup, clothing, and accessories. My personal style recipe combines authentic looks from the 1930s and 1940s with a dash of 1950s thrown in for spice. As a curvaceous dame, I mostly wear reproduction clothing, but I’m always on the lookout for those genuine vintage garments. 

Although I’m a licensed esthetician and makeup artist, I’m completely self-taught at vintage hair. So I know the challenges of doing your own hair, especially with more demanding vintage styles. We’re not talking “beachy waves” here that you can do with a curling iron. We’re talking finger waves, Victory rolls and wet sets.

I am so delighted to offer Vintage Styling Sessions to help you pull your hair, makeup and outfit together, whether it’s for a special occasion or everyday enjoyment. 


I offer four types of one-on-one sessions, and each one begins with a Vintage Style Questionnaire so I can learn a little bit about you and your goals for our time together and  we can hit the ground running.

Style My Vintage Wardrobe: Clothes & Accessories

$80 for 1 hour, 15 minutes

Choose 3-4 of your favorite pieces, and we’ll raid your closet to build complete outfits around them. Got a new pair of American Duchess shoes? We’ll build up from there. Got a sweet dress from eShakti and want to make it look straight outta Ginger Rogers’ wardrobe? We’ll find just the right accessories. We’ll be as period-accurate as you want to go, whether you’ve got vintage, repro, or retro pieces.

This is for you if: You’ve got a closet full of fun things, but aren’t 100% sure you can put the right pieces together for a whole glorious outfit. 


Custom Styling or Beauty Session

$65 for 1 hour

These sessions can be customized for exactly what you need. Here are a few examples of a custom session.

  • We can chat about what hairstyles might suit you
  • Got a specific hairstyle or two you need help with? I’ll walk you through it and help troubleshoot any issues you are having 
  • Are you new to dressing in vintage and want some tips and tricks to get you started? 
  • Are you a curvy gal and worried about how vintage/repro attire might look on you? I’ll give you some of my tips from many years of experience 
  • Need skincare advice? I’m a licensed esthetician and makeup artist and I love sharing my knowledge of caring for your skin

Vintage Makeup: A live makeup tutorial with just you and me

$50 for 45 minutes

If you’ve got a few shades of eyeshadow, a good eyeliner and a red lip, then you’ve got a good start for what you need to create a beautiful vintage look. Choose your favorite decade and I will walk you through how to look like you walked through time.

Extra! Extra!: You’ll also get my list of favorite beauty products, brands and colors.

Vintage Hair: Wet Sets Made Doable

$65 for 1 hour

Love the look of a wet set, but can’t quite manage a successful style on your own? I’ve been there (we all start somewhere!). The day of our call, wash your hair and I’ll be there to guide you through the wet set process. From there, we can discuss the whole brush-out and styling process. (Alternately, if you struggle with the brush-out part, you can do the wet-set on your own, and we’ll meet for the brush-out when it’s dry.)

Extra! Extra!
: You’ll receive a setting pattern and materials list with instructions the week before our call. 


I’ve been dressing in 20s, 30s and 40s vintage for a few years now (finally living my lifelong dream of old-school glamor!), but it’s always been a struggle to feel put-together. I’ve got stacks of vintage hats and a closet dedicated to clothes, but styling outfits even when you have great pieces is hard. And when you invest so much time and money in each piece (true vintage or repro), it’s disheartening to still feel like you’re not quite nailing the look. Christine has such amazing style, and an incredible eye for accessorizing. In an hour-long online video call, we were able to raid my closet and create outfits around my favorite shoes and hats, in combinations I never would have thought of. Not only did I come out with 6 completely put-together outfits, I have a whole new perspective on how to play with color. I can?t wait to get help on my wet-sets next!

Lauren V.M.

Fill out the form below and let’s create something beautiful together!



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