Shot to the heart

It’s been quite a while since I got all glammed up just for a photo shoot. When this dress from eShakti arrived, I immediately started planning out how I wanted to style this dress. However the weather clearly didn’t get my request for clear skies. But it’s ok, we made the best of it.

Normally I shy away from anything with cutesy hearts on it, but this hearts and arrows dress is so reminiscent of the iconic sweater that Ginger Rogers wore in the 1938 movie Carefree as well as the dress that House of Schiaparelli came out with in 2014, that I just couldn’t resist. I’m a sucker for garments with embroidery and this dress did not dissapoint.


Dress ~ eShakti
Velvet Hat ~ Vintage, purchased at an antique mall in Maryland
Corset purse ~ Hot Topic
Gloves ~ Vintage, gifted from my godmother
Umbrella ~ Vintage, purchase at a flea market
Shoes ~ Cheslea Crew




2 thoughts on “Shot to the heart

  1. I didn’t know eshakti did a version of this dress!! I won’t lie, I’m a little bitter toward them, as I have collaborated with them before, and ages ago they asked if I wanted to again, but my response has gone unanswered! Anyway, sorry to vent! But I am in love with this! And I love it on you!


  2. Pom says:

    Dear you look stunning! You make me want to buy it but I just can’t find it on the website, do you still have the link of this dress by chance?
    Thank you for the discovery! ❤️

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