Jolly Holiday

For our second day at EPCOT we were joined by our good friend Shelley (who we were staying with) and her boyfriend Matt. It was so much fun to run around with them and eat even more great food. This day I decided to Disneybound as Mary Poppins. I did actually have a Mary Poppins hat I intended to wear, but my hubby thought it was too much and looked like a costume, so I decided to forgo it (it’s nice to have someone to keep me grounded). I also had originally planned to wear a button down ruffled blouse with a red bow tie, but in 90 degree weather and the humidity as high as it was I changed my plan (and I’m so glad I did). I had purchased the red bow necklace at the Magic Kingdom a few days before and it worked out perfectly.

I absolutely love this outfit and I will totally wear it again. Although I was constantly being mistaken for a cast member (I actually almost got in the park for free because of this), I think when I’m outside of the park it may not be so blatantly obvious that I’m Disneybounding as Mary Poppins.


White blouse: Old Navy (from years ago)

Grey suiting skirt:

Red Belt: Taken rom a previous dress by IGIGI

Red Bow Necklace: The Magic Kingdom

Enamel Carousel Horse Brooch: Etsy


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